Air Force 1 x PMO Paranoise 2.0: Iconic and Timeless

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Air Force 1 x PMO Paranoise 2.0: Iconic and Timeless

With surprises hidden beneath the white exterior, these shoes are works of art!

The Nike reps Force 1 Low x Peaceminusone Para-Noise 2.0 is a unique and timeless sneaker that is sure to turn heads. This collaboration between G-Dragon, the leader of the K-pop group Big Bang, and Nike is a must-have for any sneakerhead.

Simple, versatile and personalized, these shoes are a trendy must-have!

The reps Force 1 Low x Peaceminusone Para-Noise 2.0 is characterized by its white upper, meticulously crafted with a unique lacquer coating. This distinctive feature serves as a dynamic canvas, designed to evolve over time through wear and tear. As the lacquer gradually rubs off, it unveils the hidden masterpiece conceived by none other than G-Dragon. The artwork embodies G-Dragon’s individualistic style and personal philosophy, using abstract shapes and symbols. It intricately intertwines with his creativity, and the evolving design on the Para-Noise 2.0 sneakers visually represents his ever-changing journey. Going beyond traditional sneaker design, it invites wearers into an interactive experience, contributing to the unveiling of G-Dragon’s vision. The evolving aesthetic testifies to the fusion of fashion and art, where time becomes integral to the storytelling process.

The Nike reps Force 1 Low x PMO Para-Noise 2.0 features black overlays, detailing, and laces, enhancing its versatile, comfortable design. The black accents not only balance the white upper but also add a touch of sophistication. This sneaker is perfect for various occasions, offering a statement-making style for everyday wear or special events.

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The Nike reps Force 1 Low x Peaceminusone Para-Noise 2.0 is a truly unique and special sneaker. This collaboration is a must-have for any sneakerhead who wants to add a statement piece to their collection.